Monday, May 5, 2008

Vase and set of bowls

Here is a vase that was glazed in Periwinkle and then the top half was dipped into Blue Hare Fur. I really like the way the glaze turned out. I can't wait to get some flowers for it! I made another vase that I glazed in a darker combo (below). I didn't write down the glaze combo so I'm lost if I ever want to recreate it. I Think that it may be Randy Red then Black. Both of the vases are the same size. About 8 inches tall. The size in the pictures is misleading.

The bowls below are for Wendy and Brian! yeah! They were glazed in Black then Randy Red.

Have a great week everybody! - Kate

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Barbara said...

yo kate! Nice work! I love the blue vase! I know it's late there, but I just popped in and saw the new stuff! I like the way you photographed the bowls.

I just posted a blast from the past on my pic o the day 2. :o)b.....