Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pie Plate

Well, here it is. My first official pie plate!
The funny part is that is ended up being really small.
It is only like 7 to 8 inches across.
I guess that means it's a personal pie plate....more pie for me.

I signed up for the next session of classes which starts on June 4
So, after I pick up the finished pieces from this class I will have a big break before starting up again. So for those of you waiting for new pictures... remain patient.
I know that on this Friday or Saturday I will have two new vases to show you and bunch of bowls but then there will be a dry spell.

Keep checking back, I will post pictures of my other adventures in North Carolina.
There is a pottery festival this weekend and a kiln opening!
I might take pictures there.



'Rin said...

Mmmmmmm, pie!!! I want to make a pie.

Psst... Merry Beltane!

The only thing I have made lately really is bento. You can see it here. :D

Barbara said...

What a cute lil' pie plate!! Ben always says. "I like Pi"

I enjoyed visiting your pottery people. Thanks for expanding my horizon. :o)

I put a red bulb in my's on the pic o the day 2 @

Just playin' :o)umama