Saturday, May 31, 2008

Class Starting again on June 4th

Hi everyone! Above is a picture of unfinished his and hers matching mugs that I didn't get a chance to glaze during last session. Class starts again on June 4th and I will be making more stuff soon. This session I think that I will try to challenge myself more. I usually just sit down at the wheel with nothing in mind and then just make whatever happens. This time I think I will try to master certain skills instead of trying to make stuff. I will most likely not have as much finished product but what I do have will be better quality.

1. I must master the centering of clay and the basic cylinder.
2. I must master making sets by starting with same size balls of clay.
3. I would like to start making bigger things. Up to 5lbs of clay.

These are my 3 goals for the next session.

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