Friday, February 29, 2008

Moss Mug

I know this post really has nothing new to tell you, but to be honest with you I just couldn't stand looking at the last post anymore. The cup above is my new favorite.

The Big Glaze Problems!

Ok, these pictures are to show you that glaze can be a big problem when it doesn't act how you want it to. This sugar bowl was something that I was really excited about. I glazed it in a Matte White glaze and then dipped the top half in Blue Hare Fur glaze. The two glazes didn't like each other very much. As you can see, the blue reacted with the white and ran right off of the pot. You can see that wherever the blue was on the pot, it pulled the white away from the clay and just ran down. The bottom of the pot was stuck onto the kiln shelf and I had to grind it down just to make it touchable. The eyeball on top is a glass bead that my sister made. I was going to glue it on the lid but the pot turned out so bad I'm just going to throw the whole thing away.



Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flashback to 1992 and todays glazing

The picture above is three things I made back in 1992 when I took my first pottery class. I'm really glad that I gave them to my mom because she sent me this picture to remind what I made 16yrs ago. I don't have anything left from that class for myself.
I had open studio today. Nothing new to show you. I glazed a few more pieces and I realized that glazing is really stressful. I get so nervous that they will get messed up on the final step. It took me about 2 hours to glaze 5 pieces. I get way too attached. If something looks good and then the I mess up the glaze...... Whew.
It's just so much pressure. Hopefully you'll get to see if they turned out on Thursday.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My set of bowls

I had a bunch of stuff come out of the kiln last night and these two bowls were my favorite. I had done a bunch of different glaze combinations to see how they would turn out. Some ended up being great, but some didn't work out so well. This bowl is dipped first in Butter Glaze and then second in Randy's Red Glaze. It turned brown where it overlapped.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have been taking pottery class for about a month. I got my first completed pieces out the kiln this morning. I am really surprised at how much they shrank. I mean, I know that they were supposed to shrink 1/12, but they really seam tiny. I have quite a bit more pieces that are glazed and ready for firing but for now you just get to see my first mug.
Good night.