Friday, December 26, 2008

Here is a hat that I made for someone for Christmas. She is really into black and red. I end up wanting to keep every one that I make! The hat production is going to have to slow down for a while because my sewing machine broke ... again. I can usually fix it but this time I am having no luck. The truth is, I really should get a new one if I'm going to be mass-producing these babies.
I am moving to the next town over this weekend. I am finally going to be in a house! I will have my own craft room, so the obsession to make stuff will flourish, I'm sure of that. I will also be able to have a garden. Woo Hoo. We are going to have a big yard and I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt.
Have a happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Little Show and a lesson

Here is Santa arriving in a fire truck.

A cute little happy customer! I loved this hat. I kinda wanted to keep it for myself.

Well, I did this tiny little show in a neighboring town. It was the day of the Christmas parade and it was very cold. I sold a bunch of hats and one ornament.
I am learning alot. When I started making the hats I thought that the kid sizes would be the most popular because the style is very cute and child-like. Well, it turns out everyone likes the adult ones, even the small customers. Also, I am discovering that the ones that are my favorites were also the ones that people bought. Here I thought that I had to adjust my taste to the general public, because sometimes my taste is a bit off the wall. Well it turns out, people are enjoying the craft that has my heart into it.
This is a good lesson to just be myself and there will be people out there who enjoy my uniqueness.

Have a great day.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Show in Pittsboro

Here is a picture of me at my table at the show this weekend.
I had alot of fun. It was really cold and everyone who bought hats put them on right away! That made me super happy, because you know I love it when my stuff gets used! I also had a bunch of help from friends and family which is always nice. Randy worked the booth with me, Jan let me borrow the artificial head for display and Grandpa Al loaned me his truck. Thank you so much everyone!
It was also really nice to you Zen! Thanks for braving the bitter cold to support me.
I love my Santa ornament! It has a place of honor on my tree.

Thanks everybody!

Below are some pictures of happy customers!