Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Show in Pittsboro

Here is a picture of me at my table at the show this weekend.
I had alot of fun. It was really cold and everyone who bought hats put them on right away! That made me super happy, because you know I love it when my stuff gets used! I also had a bunch of help from friends and family which is always nice. Randy worked the booth with me, Jan let me borrow the artificial head for display and Grandpa Al loaned me his truck. Thank you so much everyone!
It was also really nice to you Zen! Thanks for braving the bitter cold to support me.
I love my Santa ornament! It has a place of honor on my tree.

Thanks everybody!

Below are some pictures of happy customers!


'Rin said...

Squeesquee!!!! I'm glad it went so well!!! :D

itsumama47 said...

Woooot! Kate!!! I'm so proud of you!! The customers look happy too! :o)b

You still look beautiful even though you were cold.