Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Jewelry has Arrived!

Picture of me working on the resin coating process.
Here is one of my favorites.

Hi everybody! I have been working on the designs and process to make these necklaces for about a month now.
This necklace is made on a piece of hardened leather, with hand painting and a pen and ink design. Then when all of the extra hand painting is finished on the surface, I coat the front in resin for a durable and glistening finish.
Please check out the link on the right side of the page.
I have a many colors and designs posted on Etsy.

So, I went to my old job yesterday to throw ideas off of them and get some constructive criticism. I got some really helpful input which is just great when you make something new.
They also surprised me by buying a total of 6 of them from me.
Thanks Guys! You really made my day.

I will be getting a table in Pittsboro the first Sunday in May so if you are local and can swing by I would love to see you!



Anonymous said...

Love the necklace. You have great products! I'm glad I found your shop.

D. Lindsey said...

Lovely works!