Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Little Show and a lesson

Here is Santa arriving in a fire truck.

A cute little happy customer! I loved this hat. I kinda wanted to keep it for myself.

Well, I did this tiny little show in a neighboring town. It was the day of the Christmas parade and it was very cold. I sold a bunch of hats and one ornament.
I am learning alot. When I started making the hats I thought that the kid sizes would be the most popular because the style is very cute and child-like. Well, it turns out everyone likes the adult ones, even the small customers. Also, I am discovering that the ones that are my favorites were also the ones that people bought. Here I thought that I had to adjust my taste to the general public, because sometimes my taste is a bit off the wall. Well it turns out, people are enjoying the craft that has my heart into it.
This is a good lesson to just be myself and there will be people out there who enjoy my uniqueness.

Have a great day.

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itsumama47 said...

yea Kate! Woot! Congratulations...u rock!