Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well it is the end of another great pottery class. Here are a couple of seconds that a friend gave me that have been laying around her studio in a box.
She was so right...they are great for a back porch herb garden. I have already been able to use fresh herbs in a couple of recipes and wow what a difference.


blogborygmi said...

Hello Kate,

This blog makes me very happy. Glad to see you are doing well, making pots and cooking and all.

Why are they called seconds? is it because they're a little lopsided? Is that the origin of the phrase, lopsided seconds? Wait, that's not quite right...

Say Hi to Randy, Wendy and company.

Kate said...

Nice to here from you. They are called seconds because they have slight flaws, you know - a chip in the glaze or a crack in the bottom of the pot.
You are such a goof.

'Rin said...

Oh, very nice!! Growing herbs is one thing I really wish I could do... I just don't have the window space at all.