Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feeding Frenzy and Garbage Wallet

It is a feeding frenzy! I like to think that the hummingbirds are just being playful when they body-check each other away from the feeder. They are just addicts, hooked on the juice.
This week I have been trying to be creative without purchasing anything new. I was looking on YouTube and saw a tutorial about making stuff out of plastic grocery bags. Well, the first thing you do is cut the top and bottom off of a plastic bag. Turn it inside out so the writing is on the inside. Then overlap it so it is 8 layers thick. Put the bag between two pieces of paper and iron it. Keep the iron constantly moving, so the plastic melts evenly. Once it is melted into a firm plastic sheet you can sew it into stuff.
What I did was take two different colors of bags that I had fused together and cut them into 1/2 inch strips. I then wove them into a wallet sized sheet, which I then ironed again to make solid. This made the front of the wallet. Then I used two other fused bags, one to make the large money pocket and one to make the two inside pockets for license or credit cards. I then sewed it up by hand using embroidery thread and bias tape on the edges.
Well, there it is, wallet made out of trash and left over craft supplies.



'Rin said...

Um, wow, I knew you were amazing, but that's amazing. ^_^ Wow.

itsumama47 said...

WHOA....that's crazy Kate! I'm impressed!


itsumama47 said...

ps...I especially like the way it says SAVE on the an artsy way....u must have planned it that way..... :o)b