Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big Strange Mushroom!

I just wanted to share with you a picture of this giant mushroom that is growing out in my yard. It's bigger than a dinner plate and getting bigger every day.
This grew in three days.



The Alabamycologist said...

Looks like sulfur shelf, also known as chicken of the woods, or Laetiporus sulfureus.
An edible and choice mushroom, if you collected it in time, also causes brown rot in that tree.

Kate said...

Wow, That's interesting. I'm not surprised that it causes rot, the back side of this tree has a large hole and is hollow inside. I'm going to just let this mushroom grow and see how big it gets.

Anonymous said...

Kate , The news "edible "is nice to hear. I had something like that growing on an old oak stump in NJ. It developed a beautiful orange color before it got all buggy and feel apart.
Take care, Zen

blogborygmi said...

Update, please? Is this thing still growing, unstoppable? If you can hear me, you're part of the resistance.

Kate said...

I am part of the resistance!
But the mushroom has not continued growing and consumed my home or anything exciting like that. It's now being consumed by insects. They must be part of the resistance as well. Now I must start crafting tiny red arm bands for the bugs!