Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lots of Pots

So I have a big pile of pots in my living room. There are a few good ones that I want to keep but the rest I think I am going to have to give away or throw away. A bunch of them are just not even good enough to give to people. The glazes are too runny or the glaze scaled off the side or I think that it is just plain ugly. I really don't want to give someone a pot that looks like crap. Hopefully I will get better and stop making pieces that I think look really bad.

Today in the open studio I worked on 2 large vases and one large bowl. I started off with a little over three pounds of clay for each. They are the biggest things that I have made yet! Whoo Hoo!



blogborygmi said...

These pots are awesome !!

Barbara said...

yo. I love that cute little pot that u glazed in Randy red and then in Black.
It's REALLY nice! Well done! :o)umama